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Funding Reference Number
0330723 A-C

Acronym resp. Short Title

Information on Soil and Land
Cost Benefit Analysis
Scenarios and Models
Instruments for Land Use Management
Communications and Incentives Strategies

Date of Update

komreg – local-authority land management in a regional perspective


Aim of research

Transdisciplinary cooperation on a regional basis in order to concentrate and expand the existing innovative potentials of science, planning and communities in an optimal way. Furthermore a transferrable and practice-orientated example for communal and regional land management in terms of the national sustainability aims should be developed.


Model-supported scenarios for area claims with different cultivation types and densities respectively containing options for differentiation concerning the degree of interior and outer development. In detail: identification of area potentials (interior development) for the involved communities; data collection and extrapolation of the identified area potentials for housing areas, structuring and adjustment of scenarios, data collection concerning profitability, demonstration of cost-saving potentials, deduction of inter-communal and regional strategies and priorities.


The results of the scenarios reveal that for all parts of the Freiburg region the existing potentials for interior development can cover a considerable part of the area-relevant need for new house building.


The KOMREG results underline that interior development does not only mean ecological and social advantages but also a significant role for sustainable development of regions in an ecological point-of-view.

Contact Persons

Project Management

Mr Dr.-Ing. Matthias Buchert
Öko-Institut e.V.
Institut für angewandte Ökologie
Telefax: 06151 / 8191-33

Scientific Co-operation

Mrs Sabine Müller-Herbers
Baader Konzept GmbH
Tullastr. 11
68161 Mannheim
Telefon: 0621 / 728486-0

Mrs Christine Kauertz
Baader Konzept GmbH
Tullastr. 11
68161 Mannheim
Telefon: 0621 / 728486-23

as a subcontractor of Öko-Institut:
Mr Prof. Dr. Alfred Ruther-Mehlis
Institut für Stadt- und Regionalentwicklung (IfSR)
Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt Nürtingen-Geislingen
Schelmenwasen 4-8
72622 Nürtingen
Telefon: 07022 / 243-891
Telefax: 07022 / 4041 66

Practice Partners

Mr Norbert Schröder-Klings
Stadt Freiburg im Breisgau
Kaiser-Joseph-Str. 198/200
79098 Freiburg im Breisgau
Telefon: 0761 / 201-1071

Mr Karl-Josef Schmitz
Stadt Emmendingen
Fachbereich 3 Planung und Bau, Abteilung 3.1 Stadtentwicklung, Baurecht und Umwelt, Referat 3.1.1 Stadtplanung, Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt
Landvogtei 10
79312 Emmendingen
Telefon: 07641/452-245
Telefax: 07641/452-195