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Funding Reference Number
0330739 A-B

Acronym resp. Short Title

Information on Soil and Land
Site Appraisal and Revitalisation
Economic Tools
Instruments for Land Use Management
Governance and Management
Communications and Incentives Strategies

Project Term
Beginning of the Term: 1st March 2006
End of the Term: 31st August 2010

Date of Update

Regional pool of industrial real estates Neckar-Alb


The project REGENA constituted an innovative approach for planning and administering commercial and industrial zones by a voluntary association of communities. A group of communities negotiated a set of industrially and commercially zoned areas that were selected, planned and managed as a common pool by all communities together. The project pursued three major objectives:

  • to assist these communities to form an association managing the pool of industrially or commercially zoned areas and to design the legal and programmatic regulations for such an association;
  • to design and test models on the basis of advanced GIS programs and joint management schemes for evaluating areas and distributing revenues that could be included in the pool;
  • to provide incentives for meeting economic as well as ecological criteria and aspects of urban planning that would lead to an optimal management path with respect to resource allocation and environmental quality enhancement.

It is an usual practice that every single community selects special zones for commercial or industrial purposes within its own community district. This practice leads to suboptimal results. First, communities develop more land than necessary since they want to be competitive in the market. Second, communities engage in a ruinous competition for attracting investors, thus selling land below market value. Third, ecological criteria for development are widely ignored when pursing this strategy. In a pool of commercial zones selection, development and management can be performed according to criteria of optimal resource management, including nature preservation goals. The main task for accomplishing such a pool solution is to provide a fair and efficient evaluation mechanism for land to be included in the pool and a distribution rule for sharing the revenues. All earlier attempts for such a pool were unsuccessful because this task was too difficult to undertake given the legal obstacles and the lack of willingness of actors to engage in such an exercise.
With the REGENA project the prospects for a successful introduction of a common pool are much better. First, in a feasibility study all involved community leaders have expressed their interest and political will to establish this solution. Second, the legal possibility of founding a pool has been explored by a legal specialist with the result that, from a legal perspective, this pooling effort can be accomplished. Third, the project group has strong competence in regional planning, in new methods of evaluation and computer aided support systems as well as in mediation and communication techniques. Fourth, the project is supported by the regional and state authorities.
The first phase of the project covers the design of the evaluation process and of the distribution scheme for all communities. In parallel, a Round Table with all the actors involved has been established to generate the rules of cooperation and to find the most suitable legal form for the cooperation. In the second phase the objective was to establish a working model for this cooperation and to develop the appropriate database and knowledge pool from which the new association can benefit. Furthermore the model has been extended for brownfields and private owned plots.

Contact Persons

Project Management

Mr Prof. Dr. Alfred Ruther-Mehlis
Institute for Applied Research (IAF)
Nürtingen-Geislingen University
Schelmenwasen 4-8
72622 Nürtingen
Telefon: +49 7022 / 404-0 (-169)

Scientific Co-operation

Mr Prof. Dr. Ortwin Renn
DIALOGIK non-profit institute for communication and cooperation research
Lerchenstrasse 22
70176 Stuttgart
Telefon: +49 (0)711 / 121-3970

Project execution:
Mrs Ute Kinn and Mrs Dr. Gisela Wachinger

Mr Prof. Dr. Hans Büchner
Lawyer's office Eisenmann, Wahle und Birk

Practice Partners

Mr Prof. Dr. Dieter Gust
Regional association Neckar-Alb
Bahnhofstraße 1
72116 Mössingen

Communes: Gemeinden Balingen, Bitz, Bodelshausen, Geislingen, Grosselfingen, Haigerloch, Hechingen, Rangendingen, Schömberg